Accurate and stable machines

Accurate and stable machines

YBM7T and YBM8TThe YBM7T and YBM8T, built for optimum accuracy and speed in small and mid-size parts and die-mold machining, are Yasda Precision America Corp.’s ( latest editions to its YBM series of Precision Centers.

A special arrangement of twin ballscrews and hybrid box-type guideways positioned on either side of the machine spindle heads deliver increased stability and accuracy, along with rigidity and high damping performance against forces generated during high-speed machining.

In addition, the company’s own spindle bearing preload self-adjusting system adjusts to a large preload for low-speed heavy cutting and conversely to heat generated by higher spindle speeds. A diaphragm coupling, co-axially connecting the spindle cartridge and motor, results in accurate spindle rotation at full speeds.

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