The Y-axis attachment is offered as a fully integrated option on new Giddings & Lewis vertical machine centers, or as a retrofit to earlier models.

Verticals Take New Directions with G&L’s New Y-Axis Attachment

July 30, 2014
New off-centerline milling, drilling, tapping capabilities are “an affordable way to reduce setups, free up machine time on HMCs, boring mills” Turn, mill, drill and tap in a single setup Reduce setups and machines High-performance cutting with standard modular tooling

The Fives Group is adding off-centerline turning, drilling, milling and tapping capabilities to its Giddings & Lewis vertical turning centers with a new Y-axis attachment, which combines a C-axis head with table and X- and Z-axes motions. The attachment, available fully integrated on new VTCs or as a retrofit, allows for single-setup processing of flanged parts, pumps, compressors, motor housings, fluid routing parts, intakes and exhausts, among others. The Y-axis attachment will be featured at IMTS 2014, and live cutting demonstrations will be part of the Fives Giddings & Lewis tours during the show.

"The Y-axis attachment is a powerful package, with a wide range of motion," according to Pete Beyer, director of product strategy and development at Fives Giddings & Lewis. “Its power and torque are equal to our standard, heavy-duty right-angle heads, with no limits in cutting performance relative to speed.

“This is an affordable way to reduce setups and free up machine time on horizontal machining centers and boring mills that used to be required to produce these same features on turned parts.”

The C-axis head provides ±45 degrees of rotation, creating a machining range of Y-axis features of plus/minus the VTC table radius. The continuous power 22-kW (29-hp) attachment has a maximum spindle speed of 2,200 rpm, and continuous torque of 875 Nm (645 ft-lb), and can be loaded manually or automatically via the machine's automatic toolchanger.

A live spindle accommodates standard Kennametal KM80 or Sandvik Coromant® Capto C8 tooling. Coolant delivery via external nozzles on the face of the attachment or thru-the-spindle coolant is provided.

The preloaded, C-axis drive and high-stiffness roller bearings ensure reliable motions, and the attachment’s integrated measurement system allows for accurate machining of part features.