Hydromat and Licon mt will co-exhibit the LiFLEX 444 II, which the German machine builder is targeting to markets that process small and medium-sized workpieces.

Team Approach for New Twin-Spindle Machine

Aug. 19, 2014
Award-winning engineering for five-axis machine capable of “complete” machining of small/medium complex parts Cross-over appeal of new design Rigid and compact, with high torque Integrated pallet-changer

The LiFLEX II 444 is a twin-spindle machine that Licon mt hopes will open new market segments for its machine tools, meaning shops and operations that process small and medium-sized workpieces. The cross-over appeal is also the reason that Licon will be co-exhibiting the new system at IMTS 2014 with Hydromat, the developer of precision rotary transfer machines.

Licon mt’s standard series of products address the different requirements of machining complex workpieces, in different material types, workpiece sizes, and varying degrees of flexibility and productivity.  The LiFLEX II 444 was added to the line last year to offer a model for processing components up to 445 mm in size.

Hydromat explained the new unit is “perfectly suited” to heavy machining projects due to its rigid and compact design in combination with the high power/torque available.

By adding the LiFLEX II 444 to its portfolio, Licon mt also is extending its offerings of five-axis, “complete” machining strategies for complex workpieces with a single clamping.

The complete machining strategy involves integrating a pallet-changer with the LiFLEX II 444, for simultaneous loading and unloading of workpieces. Other options include spindle compensation for the Z-axis and broken tool detection. The zero-point clamping system ensures a quick changeover to other workpieces, and chip removal is optimized with suspended fixtures. LiFLEX II 444 is smaller and more compact compared with other LiFLEX machining centers, and the price-performance ratio is said to be another point of interest for the market segment focused on small- to medium-sized parts.

“With our small twin-spindle machine, LiFLEX II 444, we are able to offer companies around the world a viable alternative for machining medium-sized parts in small or medium volumes,” observed Winfried Benz, managing director of Licon mt. “We aim to continually optimize the process of complex workpiece machining, with the goal of minimizing costs for scrap as well as additional quality controls. To this end, complete machining is an essential element. The price-performance ratio of LiFLEX II 444 makes a further contribution to ensuring that unit costs are reduced to the bare minimum.”

Earlier this year an international jury of 49 design specialists presented the "iF design award" for exceptional design to Licon mt for the LiFLEX II 444.