Americanmachinist 4045 Maxiem 1530

The WaterJet Alternative

July 2, 2014
OMAX's abrasive waterjet machines will offer a welcome alternative to the endless rows of machine tools, millers and grinders on display at IMTS 2014.

OMAX will be hauling three machines to IMTS this September that will offer a welcome alternative to the endless rows of machine tools, millers and grinders on display.

OMAX's abrasive waterjet machines always seem to wow the machine crowd, carving out intricate pieces at impossible speeds inside giant water beds. This year's displayed tools should be no exception.

The 1530 JetMachining Center is the latest generation of the MAXIEM abrasive waterjet systems, offering faster cuts, more power and easier control than previous models.

At this year's show, the company will be targeting job shops, metal service centers and trades schools with its 1530 JetMachining Center, which will be paired with a fancy A-Jet multi-axis cutting head. The combination will demonstrate the technology's ability to cut beveled edges, angled sides and countersinks.

According the company, this latest generation line of the its MAXIEM abrasive waterjet system offers faster cutting speeds, more cutting power, easier control software and greater accessory options for an overall increase in productivity and profitability.

The MicroMAX JetMachining Center brings the speed and accuracy of abrasive waterjetting to pieces smaller than 300 microns.

Joining the 1530, the MicroMax JetMachining Center will be on display, cutting delicate, complex patterns  from a range of materials, including exotic metals, advanced composites, polymer thermoplastics and glass.

The Micromax, the company says, brings the speed, versatility and accuracy of abrasive waterjet cutting to the production of parts that are smaller than 300 microns.

Software under the Hood

The real magic of water jetting might best be seen in OMAX's 60120 JetMachining Center, which will performing with the rest of the tools at IMTS 2014, equipped with a Tilt-A-Jet cutting head accessory. The combination achieves virtually zero taper and no reduction in cutting speed for the precision cutting of parts with square, taper-free edges, including interlocking pieces and ovetail fittings, the company says.

The OMAX 60120 can cut complex parts from a variety of materials, including advanced composites, exotic alloys, traditional metals and rubber.

The set-up is positioned as a fit for a wide range of production runs across various industry segments, including aerospace, energy and fabrication.

And finally, joining these machines is the latest generation of the company's Intelli-MAX software that was designed to improve ease of use and productivity on both OMAX and MAXIEM centers.

In the advanced manufacturing world, of course, it's the software that matters most. So the keenest eyes at the show will be peaking under that digital hood.