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Innovation in High-Speed Cutting for Aluminum

Lach Diamond to Introduce New PCD Cutter with Cooling System and Chip Control Capability

A new PCD cutter, developed by Lach Diamond in cooperation with the Audi AG, will be introduced at IMTS 2014 in September. The “Cool Injection-Plus” PCD cutter represents a combination of Lach-developed and patented “Cool Injection” cooling system and the “Plus”  chip controller for the HSC cutting of aluminum patented by the Audi.  The combination brings together into one tool a directed-cooling stream through the PCD cutting surface with the chip-control “Plus” system. The result is a tool capable of extremely high cutting speeds and feed rates for HSC cutting.

This and other Lach Diamond PCD cutting tools will be demonstrated at IMTS 2014. Lach has been innovating PCD cutting technology for nearly 40 years, with numerous breakthroughs in tool design and applications.

“Cool Injection-Plus” Monoblock cutters can be manufactured with the highest number of PCD cutting edges because the chips produced during cutting can immediately be guided away from the cutting zone.

During machining, both the workpiece and the PCD cutting benefit, resulting in the maximum possible surface quality and accuracy, and maximum tool life. As a result, the chips do not have to be “cut” several times.

In summary thanks to the newly developed PCD Cool Injection-Plus monoblock cutter, cycle time reductions of more than 50 % have been achieved in automotive machining, especially in engine and transmission manufacturing.

Cool Injection-Plus PCD cutters are delivered ready for installation, and can be put in place without the otherwise time consuming adjustment measures.


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