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SolidProfessor Offers Learning Management System and 2008 Course Library

SolidProfessor Offers Learning Management System and 2008 Course Library

SolidProfessor (, focused on delivering bundled training solutions for SolidWorks and SolidWorks related software, has released Learning Management System v2 and 2008 Course Content.

SolidProfessor said it has designed the first of its kind “Search-On- Demand” productivity add-in which is integrated directly inside the SolidWorks design environment and makes it easier than ever for CAD professionals to get their design questions answered fast. SolidProfessor has course topics ranging from Core and Advanced Concepts Bundles to specialized courses on Advanced Surfacing, COSMOSWorks, Routing, Sheet Metal, PhotoWorks, CAMWorks and SolidCAM among others. Also released recently is a website of archived tutorials from more than 100 client submitted questions to their Ask SolidProfessor newsletter. Course lessons for Update Training 2008 are now available in German, French, Dutch and Spanish, with more courses on the way.

“SolidProfessor has built a strong reputation for delivering exactly the self-paced multimedia training design engineers need,” SolidWorks Director of Marketing and Alliances Efrat Ravid said. “Together, SolidProfessor and SolidWorks 2008 give engineers the innovative tools, design power, and ease of use to design better products.”

SolidProfessor is a SolidWorks Solution Partner focused on creating self-paced multimedia training experience for users of SolidWorks and SolidWorks related software. SolidProfessor said its mission is to provide the highest quality and best training value for all levels of SolidWorks users. SolidProfessor products may be ordered direct or is available direct from SolidProfessor or through a growing number of SolidWorks resellers, including GoEngineer, Computer Aided Technology, Intercad, Digital Dimensions, ModernTech Mechanical, DesignPoint Solutions, The SolidExperts, CAPINC and more.

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