A Software Preview is Offered

A Software Preview is Offered

software previewDelcam (www.delcam.com) will allow previews of the next releases of its CAM software, PowerMILL and FeatureCAM at the annual Eastec trade show in West Springfield, Mass., May 20 through May 22.

Full releases of the software are planned for later this year.

The company also will preview its forthcoming version of its PowerSHAPE software, and other software for the dental and footwear industries.

Separately, Delcam said it had record sales in 2007, and reorganized several areas of responsibility on its board of directors.

The company added Clive Martell to its board of directors. Martell was given the new position of operations director on the board, and will be responsible for day-to-day tasks of managing the commercial operations of the company. The company’s geographic split of responsibility for sales will be maintained, and Glenn McMinn continues as president of Delcam North America, with responsibility for managing operations in the United States and Canada. Tim Mitchell continues as Asian business development director, and Chris Edwards was appointed European business development director in addition to his post as sales director for the United Kingdom.

CAD downloads doubles sales leads

“CAD downloads almost doubled our (sales) lead volume within 60 days of setup. We have seen a dramatic increase in new business while simultaneously offering a valuable service to our current customers.”

—Tom Watson, director of Global Marketing for Goellner, Inc. Goellner is the parent company of Advanced Machine & Engineering Co. (www.ame.com). Advanced Machine& Engineering added CAD downloads to its website in August.

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