Software With a Learning Module

Software With a Learning Module

SmartCamSmartCAMcnc ( said its SmartCAM V15.0 has a new tutorial module, and improved toolpaths and user interface.

The SmartCAM product family includes computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software applications for milling, turning, fabrication and wire EDM.

“Our goals with each development cycle is to release a new version that advances SmartCAM on two main fronts,” Doug Oliver, SmartCAMcnc’s senior product manager, said. Those are capability improvements such as improved CAD data handling and new toolpath generation, and enhancements to the way users interact with the programs, such as user interface improvements.

The company said its new Learning SmartCAM module includes information, tutorials and exercises to assist new and advanced users in learning the software. The web-based system is available on theSmartCAM cnc website and is designed to help new users to become proficient with the software quickly, while helping medium and advanced users to resolve complex problems and show new processes and capabilities for completing various tasks.

SmartCAMcnc said Version 15 has an improvement to the software’s ability to create and modify toolpath lead-in/lead-out moves.

“Lead-in/out moves now are identified uniquely in SmartCAM to allow them to be recognized visually, then selected and changed with the new geometry edit capability created specifically for them,” Douglas said, adding that users can change parameters or lead-type or, in the case of closed profiles, specify new start/ end positions and include an overlap amount.

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