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Programming for Robotic Miling and Trimming

Programming for Robotic Miling and Trimming

KMT Robotic Solutions ( introduces CamPro – a new PC-based offline programming software that enables manufacturers to seamlessly convert CAM trimming and milling paths into complete 6-axis robot programs.

“The CamPro solution eases the transition from CNC cutting to robotic trimming,” Chuck Abrams, KMT Robotic Solutions Inc. technical manager said.

“It allows manufacturers to make the most of their previous CAM investment dollars because personnel trained on Mastercam, SURFCAM, Delcam and other common CAD/CAM tools can automatically use CamPro,” he added.

CamPro makes robotic milling feasible by managing large files through the robot memory and enabling it to mill solid blocks of foam, wood and RE N board. CamPro simulates the robot path offline, allowing programmers to check interference and arm configuration while the actual system is still in production. As a result, CamPro provides manufacturers with an economical way to program a large number of parts.

KMT currently offers two versions of CamPro – one that supports conversion of Mastercam programs and another that supports any CAM program that can be exported in .apt format. CamPro software is designed for use with KMT’s RoboTrim robotic routing systems, JetTool waterjet trimming systems and RoboKnife ultrasonic knife trimming systems.

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