Plex Online Adds Open Database Connectivity

Production database gateway expands reporting capabilities

Manufacturing ERP software supplier Plex Systems Inc. reports that its Plex Online “software-as-a-service” program now supports open database connectivity (ODBC) for simplified data access. The enhancements make Plex Online compatible with a range of widely used, standard reporting tools, according to Plex.

Plex explains that this simple, production-database gateway will track critical manufacturing information (e.g., machine downtime, inventory levels, production schedules, etc.), and then customize reports or deploy standard reporting tools using a simple interface.

In addition, ODBC will allow users to access business, production, financial and other manufacturing data, and combine that information with data from other sources (as required) to generate custom reports through third-party reporting tools, including Crystal Reports, Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion, or MS Access.

“This new feature lets Plex Online users access their manufacturing data in an easy, custom report using the same reporting tools that they’re using for other systems,” explained Plex Systems Inc. vice president Patrick Fetterman. He added that manufacturers could combine data from multiple sources to create key performance metrics.

The group stated that ODBC enhances the reporting capabilities available within Plex Online, bringing “powerful” reporting functionality for inventory tracking, production tracking, and financials, among other areas.

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