New Kubotek Software Validates and Compares 3D CAD Models

New Kubotek Software Validates and Compares 3D CAD Models

Kubotek USA ( has a new Validation Tool that it says assures manufactures that two revisions of the same CAD model, which visually appear the same, truly are geometrically identical.

This product is designed to perform a critical test for manufacturers who rely on the 3D model as the product specification. Adding this step to the process of sharing 3D CAD data can prevent costly errors resulting from unintentional edits or translation errors when a model is passed between engineering groups. The report generation capabilities of the software include simple pass-fail indicators, a tamperproof validation certificate, and a detailed listing of any differences found.

The first set of tests using Kubotek Validation Tool engages Kubotek’s Face Logic technology to analyze the actual geometric data types found in solid models based on a specified tolerance. Additional tests compare mass properties results and count geometry and topology.

“Previous technologies applied to this model validation problem are not a good match for solid models coming from multiple CAD programs,” Jim Gordon, Kubotek principal engineer said. “Boolean differencing the models was one common technique we choose to avoid. Boolean operations applied to the whole model don’t provide reliable results with these data sets. The other major approach used in model congruence testing has been to measure point deviations, but that is slow and results are difficult to understand.”

“Both the new Kubotek Validation Tool and the earlier Direct Dimensiondriven Editing capabilities are based on Kubotek’s focus on innovating direct, non-history, 3D modeling technology,” Robert Bean, Kubotek USA executive vice president stated.

Kubotek USA, Inc., headquartered in Marlborough, MA, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Creation Engineering Division of Kubotek Corporation of Osaka, Japan. Kubotek Creation Engineering products include KeyCreator mechanical CAD software, REALyze multiCAD data exchange tools, the Kubotek Spectrum multiCAD viewer, and the Validation Tool CAD model comparison software.

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