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Mastercam Offers Feature-Based Machining

Mastercam Offers Feature-Based Machining

CNC Software, Inc. ( will be showing Mastercam’s new Feature-Based Machining and Mastercam for SolidWorks add-in at Westec 2008.

CNC Software said Mastercam’s Feature- Based Machining offers shops dramatic speed improvements and allows for great reductions in programming time.

Feature-Based Machining will evaluate the part and program pockets, contours, bosses, and drilling routines automatically, and with minimal user input.

The company said new Mastercam users will be able to machine 2D solid parts more quickly because of the program’s ease of use and short learning curve.

Mastercam for SolidWorks is fully integrated CAM that is designed to run seamlessly in SolidWorks. SolidWorks users now can program parts directly within SolidWorks with Mastercam’s toolpaths and machining strategies.

Developed by CNC Software, Inc., Mastercam is Windowsbased CAD/CAM software for 2-axis through 5-axis milling and turning; 2-axis and 4-axis wire EDM; 2D and 3D design, surface, and solid modeling; artistic relief cutting, and 2D and 3D routing.

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