Latest PowerMILL Release Offers Speed-Ups

The latest release of Delcam PLC’s PowerMILL (, includes enhancements and speed-ups throughout the program.

In particular, improved memory management within the software as been added to give significantly faster calculation times, especially for large, complex components, such as press tools for automotive bodywork, and for smaller, highly-detailed models, such as molds for fine-tolerance and highaccuracy parts.

A tool-axis editing function has been added that allows the user to select any region of a toolpath and redefine the tool-axis vectors within that region. This new option is designed to enable users to optimize cutting conditions and avoid any sudden machine tool movements that could result in a poor surface finish.

Delcam PowerMILL has supported a wide variety of cutting tool types, and its range has been further extended with the addition of machining strategies specifically for large abrasive disk cutters. The new options include specific types of leads and links, plus dedicated gouge prevention functionality, to allow these disks to be used to cut around corners safely and accurately

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