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Internet Connections

Online Library for Machining Technologies

Makino has created an on-line library for its series of seminars on parts production, aerospace machining, die and mold machining, micromachining, hardmilling, high speed machining techniques and other technological advances.

The Makino Online Seminar Library is available at, and was established as a multimedia educational resource to further the manufacturing competitiveness for North American shops.

The library has more than 60 web seminars now, and is expected to have more than 100 by the end of the year, Mark Rentschler, Makino’s marketing manager, said.

The technical information is organized by topic and is available for anyone. Registration is required to attend but all seminars are presented free of charge.

Each seminar consists of a 20 min to 45 min presentation and a Q&A session with the speaker, and each archived event includes the entire presentation, a transcript of the event, and an area where questions can be submitted that will be answered via email.

American Machinist Launches Video Sites for Machining

Check out the Internet sites www. and launched by American Machinist June 1.

The sites are designed to bring the immediacy of the Internet video experience to machining and manufacturing, and provide — free of charge to anyone — informative, educational and fun videos on all aspects of machining and cutting tools.

You can view videos and you can put your own videos up for viewing at the sites.

Machine Tool Payback Calculator Available

The Sandvik Coromant Internet site ( now features a Payback Calculator, an investment and component analysis tool that the company said allows shop owners and managers to calculate returns on investment for machine tools.

After customers input the cost for a new machine and an estimate on how long it will take to recoup the invested funds, they are taken through four steps that evaluate everything from required man-hours and delays in machining to levels of fixed machine costs and preferred production times.

Sandvik Coromant developed the Payback Calculator as a part of its Machine Investment process, a total package of services that aids customers in unleashing the potential of machine investments right from the start.

Blog for Mechanical Component Trends for Assembly Automation

Misumi USA, Inc. has put an engineering blog on its website ( that focuses on mechanical component trends for assembly automation while providing engineers a place to share opinions and ideas on machine design and construction.

Misumi engineers will post regular content to the blog to cover topics such as:

  • Geometric Tolerances and Fits.
  • Materials, Surface Treatments and Hardness.
  • Calculations.
  • Component Selection.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.

Misumi USA, Inc. produces a range of press and plastic mold/die components, cutting tools and gauges.


Tornos recently added an RSS feed to its US website ( to provide direct access to the latest information Tornos puts out on its products, services and company. An RSS feed enable users to subscribe to websites, and notifies the users when there is new or changed content on the site.

For more information, including instructions to subscribe to the Tornos US RSS feed, go to

American Conduit Clamps & Fittings has launched an online shopping site ( for its clamps and fittings.

Bosch Rexroth ( has launched website to provide, technology updates, applications support, help, product information, downloads, literature, training information, and news about industrial hydraulics.

SDP/SI has relaunched its website ( for the 100,000 mechanical components that it distributes.

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