[IMTS] Vero USA Announces VISI 18 Software Demonstrations

For Vero Software, VISI Modeling is the base platform for all VISI products and version 18 delivers an updated GUI with graphic sliders that allow the user to dynamically interact with the working area, pushing or pulling features and applying other system commands. One major CAD development is the introduction of geometry deformation tools that provide a technical leap forward.

VISI Machining has been updated with a number of tools to further enhance the automated Compass Technology including a new method to manage the smallest distance between two or more sides of a geometric feature. Other CAM developments include improved 3D constant step over, an improved 3D combi-finishing routine, updated rapid management and improved drilling cycles with a new wizard application for the construction of complex multi-operation cycles.

VISI 18 completes the full integration of VISI Flow and now the plastic injection analysis and simulation can be launched and calculated from directly within VISI, eliminating the need of model preparation for analysis. The calculation results are also visible within the same CAD environment providing the perfect toolset for comparing the original model against the warped prediction data after the molding process. VISI Flow also includes the ability to work with shell models and introduces a virtual resin laboratory that allows users to create and test different kinds of resin grades. The 'Virtual Laboratory' is based on intelligence included within the VISI Flow material database and works by following an interactive iterated approximation. The application is able to put together data coming from different databases and different grades by following a wizard based on user instructions such as polymer family, density and MFI.

Also included is the first release of VISI PEPS-Wire. After Vero's acquisition of Camtek Limited, VISI PEPS-Wire represents over 2 years of development and combines the technology of PEPS Wire with Vero's Parasolid based geometry-engine. The first release of VISI PEPS-Wire will introduce automated 2 and 4-axis feature recognition, dramatically improved geometry tools and combined Milling and Wire EDM cutting strategies.

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