[IMTS Preview] MachineWorks to Show Latest Software Release

MachineWorks to Show Latest Software Release

MachineWorks Ltd, a provider of true solid-based simulation, verification and toolpath generation solutions, is presenting its new libraries on thread safety and solid closing.

Pertaining to thread safety, the new MachineWorks v.7 is an extensive modification of MachineWorks’ libraries to allow users to take full advantage of multiple core architectures in multi-core PCs and multi-core CNC controllers.

These libraries have been made thread-safe for all likely usage scenarios. Users can also to exploit the benefits of multiple core machines by internally multithreading algorithms and running multiple simulations simultaneously.

MachineWorks solid closing algorithms will close gaps in models, and fix self-intersecting loops and faces. The new solid closing module means that you can produce watertight models from almost any input geometry.

MachineWorks can compute toolpaths in an environment closely coupled with our simulation and verification libraries. These toolpath generators are built with the same attention to geometric detail and accuracy that characterises our verification engines. They provide fast generation of guaranteed gouge-free toolpaths, within the specified tolerance. Our strategies include Area and Rest Roughing, Water Line, Rasters, Radial and Spiral cuts, Constant Stepover, Pencil and Parallel Pencil.

MachineWorks’ Machine Simulator has been enhanced to help develop Full Machine Simulation including material removal and full clash detection.

During IMTS, a Fidia controller displaying the dynamic simulation of milling paths will be also demonstrated on the MachineWorks stand. Fidia has integrated MachineWorks’ simulation kernel into their controllers, which will allow their customers to further optimise their production processes.
Visit IMTS Booth #E-3831

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