[IMTS Preview] Fast Digitizing System for Flow Waterjets

Flow Tech

Flow International Corp. is launching FlowTeach, a system designed to quickly digitize patterns, templates or parts into FlowMaster® software. The software and hardware are available for all Flow Mach series waterjets and can be retrofitted onto most legacy Flow systems.

Contract cutting shops, i.e., Job Shops, often receive a template or a physical part that must be recreated instead of a dimensioned drawing. In these instances, it can be time consuming to turn that template or physical part into a cutting program. FlowTeach solves this problem by allowing the operator to jog the Flow machine tool around the periphery of the part or template, selecting points and thereby recreating the geometry within the FlowMaster control. FlowTeach will also be of particular interest to anyone in the stone industry for digitizing countertop and flooring patterns.

Simple-to-learn and easy-to-use, the operator guides Flow’s standard laser edge finder to capture points along a part’s geometry. The system has an intuitive interface featuring easy to read icons and various functions that support the creation of circles, ellipses, polylines, and arcs to both simplify and speed up the process. A wireless remote pendant allows the user to be close to the work piece and accurately position the cutting head along the contours.

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