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[IMTS Preview] Celeritive Technologies Plans Demonstrations, Announcements, Technical Presentation

Celeritive Technologies, Inc., developer of the toolpath engine VoluMill, has a full slate of activities including demonstrations, a technical presentation and several important announcements.

In its exhibit, Celeritive will be conducting continuous demonstrations of its revolutionary toolpath software. The patent-pending VoluMill technology generates toolpaths that produce a consistent material removal rate. Their smooth, flowing motion establishes and maintains ideal milling conditions in any part shape. Reduced forces on the spindle and cutting tool enable machining hardware to be safely utilized to its full capabilities. Uniform chip formation and excellent heat dissipation result in the combination of adramatically reduced cycle times and significantly extended cutting-tool life.

Celeritive also will conduct a press conference during which it will introduce VoluMill 3.5, as well as announce several key licensing agreements and joint development projects.
Visit IMTS Booth #W-1868

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