Ganesh and PartMaker Partner to Make Programming More Productive

Ganesh and PartMaker Partner to Make Programming More Productive

PartMaker Inc. (, a division of Delcam Plc, and the developers of PartMaker SwissCAM software, and Ganesh Industrial Supply, Inc. (, manufacturers of the Ganesh line of CNC machines, have teamed up to provide a programming solution for the Ganesh Cyclone series of slidingheadstock multi-axis CNC lathes.

The Ganesh Cyclone series, which features the 7-axis Cyclone 25-CS, are Swiss-type lathes that can operate without a guide bushing.

PartMaker SwissCAM allows users to choose whether they want to program on a Swiss machine with or without a guide bushing.

Programming a Swiss machine without a guide bushing poses unique issues for a a conventional, guide bushing-based Swiss machine.

PartMaker automates the programming of these specialized Swiss machines. PartMaker SwissCAM also allows users to move seamlessly from a guide-bushing based machine to a Swiss-type machine without a guide bushingwith the click of a button.

PartMaker and Ganesh have collaborated by sharing technical information to assure users that the PartMaker SwissCAM is fully compatible with the Ganesh Cyclone series of guide bushing-less Swiss machines. This integration includes the availability of a robust post processor and machine simulation facility for this machine.

“One of the benefits of the Ganesh Cyclone over a conventional guide bushing-based CNC Swiss machine is faster set-up,” Harvinder Singh, president of Ganesh Industrial Supply, said.

“By programming with PartMaker, our customers can take this productivity benefit to the next level by automatically programming parts and simulating their manufacture offline before setting up the machine, thus resulting in further time savings in machine set-up,” Singh added.

More on PartMaker
PartMaker is a Knowledge Based Machining system, allowing it to provide a substantial gain in programming efficiency by remembering the tools, material and process information that are necessary to machine individual part features.

It relieves the user from reentering the same features information for subsequent parts. It also improves productivity by placing the emphasis on tool management functions.

PartMaker said it pioneered the field of CAM software for Turn-Mills and Swiss-type lathes with its patented Visual Programming Approach for programming multi-axis lathes with live tooling. It assures quicker learning and easier use. It makes an extensive use of pictures to help the user describe tools, part features and machining data. Synchronization of tools working on multiple spindles is achieved by a few mouse clicks.

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