Delcam Adds New Options for Press Tool Design

Delcam Adds New Options for Press Tool Design

Delcam ( has added a number of new options specific to deep-draw press tool design to its Delcam Toolmaker CAD software. These new features are aimed at shortening the design time by providing dedicated functionality for many of the tasks involved in preparing the tooling.

The first improvement is a number of automated ways to orient the part shape to give the optimum tool design. The user can choose between methods that minimize undercuts, that minimize the overall tool depth or that are based on averaging the normals of key surfaces. Undercut shading has been improved to make it easier to compare the results obtained with the various options.

The second enhancement provides a quick and easy method to fill in any concave regions around the edge of the part to simplify its outline. The user simply needs to click on the beginning and end of the edge section, and the software does the rest. It automatically creates a new surface that fills the gap, while working out the tangencies of the various edges to ensure continuity between the new surface and the adjoining areas.

The next extra option is a new form to create the addendum surfaces; the smooth tangential run-offs from the part faces that control the flow of sheet metal during forming. The user can select from a series of standard styles of addendum surfaces and then complete the form with the necessary dimensions and radii. Again, the software will automatically maintain the tangency between the part surfaces and the addendum surfaces to give a smooth transition between the two. Another new form automates the creation of the draw bead; the groove in the tool that clamps the sheet metal to control its flow during pressing. This form creates the draw bead route with an offset from the opening line of the punch and helps the user to specify the required profile. Once the draw bead design has been finalized for the punch, the matching draw bar shape can be created in the die.

The final new option is automated trim line creation. This automatically calculates where to trim the metal after the forming operations and so provides the first stage in the design of the trimming tool.

In addition to the new range of commands, Delcam has added a library of standard components based on ISO catalogues. The user can, of course, extend this library with any of his company’s frequently used components.

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