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Control Software for 60,000 rpm High-Speed Machining Centers

Control Software for 60,000 rpm High-Speed Machining Centers

Datron Dynamics, Inc. ( has released Version 8 of its Windows-based control software.

Already intuitive due to its familiar Windows foundation, Datron said it has added industryfirst capabilities to the controller for the company’s line of 60,000 high-speed machining centers.

A User Administration function allows the creation of users and groups. The specific rights defined for each user group can be applied to individual users, making it possible to restrict access to critical functions for certain users or groups. For example, a particular operator (or shift) could be allowed to load and execute macro programs but not modify them.

New to Version 8 is a Libraries function in which operators can create their own libraries that consist of multiple macros. The libraries can be accessed directly via the menu bar or by using shortcut keys. The libraries also can be accessed from the main menu. The library is useful if operators use certain functions repeatedly but don’t want to include them in a main program.

Since Version 8 makes use of Ethernet, communication has increased from 300 vectors per second to 2,800 vectors per second.

With an optional second Ethernet port, Datron can perform Remote Diagnostics so that service issues are solved more quickly and training can be conducted over the Internet using Netviewer.

A New Start/End Macro is able to run automatically before and after the execution of a program – for example, for projects that require vacuum workholding, the macro can insure that the vacuum pressure is checked before the machining begins and turned off when the part is competed.

The company said tool changing cycles have been optimized in Version 8, and machine data is backed up automatically at the start and end of a program or whenever the program is altered. The new version also savesmultiple consecutive states of programs.

The Version 8 software features a Macro Polygon function that allows engineers and operators to define a measuring zone that includes restricted areas. These areas are ignored during the probing or measuring process to allow for the surface scanning of complex shapes and odd-shaped parts. By avoiding areas with geometry such as pockets and cavities, the time required for surface scanning and measurement is reduced.

Two additional functions are geared to on-the-fly engineers, programmers and operators. There is a Search and Replace function in the macro editor and Math Algorithms can be performed within each command line and input field (this includes conversions for mm to inches and visa versa).

Datron Dynamics, Inc. is the North American distributor for Datron Electronic, a German technology firm established in 1969.

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