Automation Drives Durable Desktop Sales

Automation Drives Durable Desktop Sales

drives durable desktopNComputing (, a provider of desktop virtualization software and hardware, said it has seen an increase in automation applications for manufacturing, and that more of its computing devices are being placed in harsh production environments.

The company said it has 1,000 manufacturing customers, and approximately 25,000 stations deployed.

The company produces virtual PCs that are designed to deliver lowcost computing access to production areas by sharing the power of a single PC among multiple, simultaneous users. It said its devices have no moving parts, CPU or memory, so they work reliably where other products fail.

NComputing said deploying its equipment allows manufacturers to cut costs because they reduce the number of personal computers that are required for a shop. The company said its centralized approach allows personal computers to be moved into a protected environment. The personal computer is connected to NComputing’s virtual PC through standard networks, to eliminate the need for rugged enclosures or components.

“We originally chose NComputing because of the significant cost savings and the solution’s ability to run our AS 400 applications. Regardless of price, the results have been impressive,” said J.R. Muller, network administrator at BL D Products and Sloan Transportation, a manufacturer of emission and engine control products for applications in both automobiles and heavy-duty trucks based in Holland, Michigan.

NComputing said its products are based on the simple fact that personal computers are so powerful that the vast majority of applications only use a small fraction of the computer’s capacity.

NComputing’s software and hardware tap the unused capacity and share it with multiple users. Each user’s monitor, keyboard, and mouse connect to the shared PC through a small and durable access device. The access device itself has no memory or moving parts as a personal computer does, so it is rugged, durable, and easy to deploy and maintain.

The NComputing X300 model allows seven users to simultaneously share a single computer, while the company’s L-series supports as many as 10 users on a basic computer, 30 on a midrange system, and hundreds with server virtualization.

NComputing said its access devices consume as little as 1 W per user, versus 115 W for a personal computer.

Support costs are reduced because fewer personal computers are needed, and the solid-state NComputing access devices require little or no maintenance.

The company sales calculators that are designed to provide potential customers cost of ownership and green impact are available on the company’s website,

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