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AboutSolidWorks Releases Two New tutorials, an independent provider of information about SolidWorks, accessories, and related software, has published two new SolidWorks tutorials that emphasize the new functionality of SolidWorks 2008. These tutorials demonstrate some of the ways in which SolidWorks 2008 makes every day part creation easier and faster.

The first tutorial shows how the new context toolbars magically appear after you select an item. The second tutorial teaches how to customize the new shortcut bars to provide quicker and easier access to your favorite tools. The tutorials are enhanced with images to guide new or experienced users stepby- step to teach as many techniques as possible in the least amount of time.

“The goal of our SolidWorks tutorials is to simply build upon and increase the knowledge of SolidWorks users,” Joe Bucalo, contributing editor to, said. “We work with SolidWorks users on a daily basis, helping them to improve their productivity.”

Bucalo said SolidWorks users want to learn in a more meaningful and self-directed manner. User feedback has indicated that many users are not comfortable with all the commands included with their CAD system. Primarily what happens is that they are provided the software, but they never attend a training class. This lack of command overwhelms the users and they become very frustrated in the use of the software.

The new SolidWorks tutorials are available at

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