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5-axis CAM Software with Optimized Graphics

5-axis CAM Software with Optimized Graphics

5-axis CA MNumerical Control Computer Sciences (NCCS) ( NCL Version 9.6 combines 5-axis simultaneous tool path generation, advanced post processing, and realistic machine simulation.

Designed for the aerospace, automotive and turbo machinery industries, the company said its software was aimed at the production of complex components made on sophisticated machinery.

NCCS has enhanced its NCL multi-axis machining software with support of OpenGL to give users more options that include:

The ability to accomplish graphics work in the back buffer so that flashing problems are eliminated.

And, the ability to delete an entity from the screen which redraws the area behind the deleted entity rather than drawing the entity in the background color, resulting in a much cleaner display.

A standard methodology now is used for cutter animation to result in the removal of the various animation settings and to eliminate problems encountered on various graphics cards.

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