TDM software interfaces with all major CADCAM programs so accurate tool data 2D graphics and 3D models are available quickly

Comprehensive Tool Management Software

June 19, 2013
Reduces data management time, cost Increases process reliability Interfaces with ERP systems

TDM Systems’ tool data management software is an integrated program for data acquisition and managing tools, tool assemblies, fixtures, and set-up equipment. It eliminates the dilemma of missing or unreliable tool data, and provides a single, easily accessed source for all tool related information.

The software also reduces tool selection and location times while reducing presetting and set-up times.

TDM Systems is the Sandvik Group´s Competence Center for tool data management.

Because the software interfaces with all major CAD/CAM programs, accurate tool data, 2D graphics and 3D models are available quickly for ‘realistic’ simulations, with no need for prolonged, and error-prone, data entry. This ability boosts process reliability, the developer said.

Similarly, the ability to acquire all of the needed tool-related data with just a few clicks of the mouse can reduce programming time dramatically, and thereby increase productivity.

Because it houses tool data in a transparent, unified format, users are able to standardize their tool inventory, significantly lowering their tool costs.

Tool procurement and logistics are streamlined and simplified as well, and production planning is enhanced by TDM’s ability to interface with ERP systems (e.g., SAP, for which there is a standard interface.) The software integrates with various other manufacturing IT solutions, and has numerous standard interfaces for most common upstream and downstream systems.

TDM software is easily scalable and available in a variety of configurations, from small, affordable, entry-level offerings to multi-plant, international company installations.

The software is in its fourth generation, available worldwide and in 10 languages, and TDM offers a complete system for managing and organizing production resources, including tools, jigs and fixtures, measuring and inspection equipment, setup equipment, chucks, and all related data.

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