Siemens Offers Job Shops Sophisticated, Versatile Programming

Aug. 26, 2009
Sinumerik 828D control promises users will break free from G-code-intensive programming

Siemens Drive Technologies is targeting job-shop operations with its new control architecture, Sinumerik 828D, that it says frees shops from G-code-intensive programming. The package combines CNC, PLC, operator panel and axis control for six CNC measurement circuits and presents these in a single operator panel. Siemens states that Sinumerik 828D offers users “intelligent kinematic transformations, an efficient tool management system and 80-bit floating point nano precision.”

The new product announcement followed several months of high-profile promotion; a formal introduction and demonstration will be made at EMO Milan 2009, October 5-10.

Sinumerik 828D presents users with a graphical interface, but also is capable of advanced language command. It supports ISO programming, too, so it’s compatible with practically any CNC programming developed by any machine builder.

The program’s functionality covers milling and turning, for single-part and small-batch production or high-volume serial manufacturing. The milling version of Sinumerik 828D is targeted at vertical machining centers, with add-ons like an A-axis for machining cylindrical workpieces or a swivel unit for machining inclined workpiece planes. Advanced Surface, the program’s path-guidance system, improves machining of high-precision molds.

Sinumerik 828D also adapts to turning operations, specifically on single-channel lathes. For face and outer surface machining, the system supports a fully functional counter spindle — with or without a Y-axis. In both the milling and turning applications, the system parameters are pre-defined, so commissioning time is minimal. Machine builders can simplify the program extension to other components (e.g., indexing tables, bar loaders) using the Easy Extend module. CNC expertise is not required.

ShopMill and ShopTurn graphical programming system are other options for smooth programming in a job-shop setting. In large-scale serial production, high-level language programming, in conjunction with programGuide for technology cycle parameterization, significantly reduces programming times.

With either horizontal or vertical panel arrangement and a choice of two CNC standards, Sinumerik 828D users can apply it to their machine and performance: allowing the control to be adapted to each user’s specific mounting site and individual machine performance requirements.