[IMTS Preview] GibbsCAM to Show New Capabilities

Sept. 6, 2010
GibbsCAM programs complex, multi-flow machines, simulates Swiss-style machines, and moves beyond 5-axis

Gibbs and Associates will demonstrate forthcoming features of its CNC programming software, GibbsCAM MTM (multi-task machining) at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), and also will highlight other GibbsCAM modules and its CimatronE CAD/CAM suite.

Next Generation MTM — No longer based upon or restricted to lathe operations, multi-task machining (MTM) has been redesigned to reduce the time and effort required to develop postprocessors, generate CNC programs and simulate machine motion. With its redesign, the software will program more complex machines and give users greater control of postprocessor creation. Users will interact through a new Machine Manager module to readily create definition files for multi-axis machines of various configurations; define assembly files for Machine Simulation; specify kinematics of machine configurations (axes, part stations, tool groups, etc.); specify machining preferences, such as work envelope, cycles and most frequently used options; and define interoperational events (tool or tool group changes, spindle changes, parking locations, etc.)

Extended Swiss-style Machine Support — Improved and extended support for thread whirling will be included in the new, generalized MTM. Machine Manager will replace the current MDD (machine definition) Editor to support programming and synchronization for machines with more than three flows.

Swiss-style Machine Simulation — GibbsCAM Machine Simulation moves beyond 5-axis, to include other multi-axis configurations, including multi-axis, multi-flow Swiss-style machines. Machine Simulation will now provide users off-line testing and prove-out for the most complex machines.

“As developers of what is probably the most capable CAM system for multi-task machines, we recognize that MTM machines are becoming too sophisticated for lathe-centered CAM software,” said Bill Gibbs, president of Gibbs and Associates and Cimatron North America. “Our new software will extend programming capability, efficiency and flexibility to drive more complex machines, and simplify the programming effort for our customers. It will also enable dynamic simulation of complex Swiss machines with multiple flows and other machines with more than five axes.”

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