[IMTS Preview] Siemens Presenting Innovations That Enhance Machine Tool Productivity

Aug. 24, 2010
Siemens will introduce new solutions and services for machine tool manufacturers and end-users. Under the theme, “Productivity in motion,” the presentation will focus on turnkey solutions for the job shop, aerospace, automotive, mold and die and ...

Siemens will introduce new solutions and services for machine tool manufacturers and end-users. Under the theme, “Productivity in motion,” the presentation will focus on turnkey solutions for the job shop, aerospace, automotive, mold and die and medical manufacturing industries.

For machine tool builders and end-users, Siemens will exhibit the newest innovations in CNC (computer numerical control), motor and drive technology as well as new value-added services ranging from condition monitoring and manufacturing IT to innovative solutions for CNC training and machine tool retrofit.

Solutions for the job shop
For the job shop, the new Sinumerik 828D numerical control will be presented for the first time in the United States. Perfect for mid-range machine tools, the Sinumerik 828D is designed to address the needs of complex milling and turning machines in the job shop segment. It combines CNC, PLC, operator panel and axis control for six CNC measurement circuits in a single, robust operator panel.

The Sinumerik 828D is capable of full graphical, high-level language command and supports ISO programming that is customary in the United States. The new control is ideal for single-part and small-batch production. Programming time can be further reduced for small-batch production with the use of the ShopMill and ShopTurn graphical workstep programming system, while high-level language programming can be used in conjunction with programGuide to significantly reduce programming times for large-scale serial production.

With the introduction of the Sinumerik 828D, modern PC and mobile phone technology is now available to the mid-range machine tool. Extensive online help animations and a new type of input prompting system with moving picture sequences provide the basis for exceptional user convenience. USB, Compact Flash (CF) card and Ethernet ports enable high-speed data transfers onto storage media or integration of the control system into corporate networks. Through the use of its Easy Message functionality, the Sinumerik 828D offers production status monitoring by text messaging (SMS). Depending on the recipient’s profile setting, the machine will transmit information about workpiece machining status, report on the tool condition currently in use and send machine maintenance bulletins to a mobile phone, anytime and anywhere. These combined functions are designed to help keep machine downtime to a minimum.

Solutions for aerospace
For the aerospace market, the new Sinumerik 840D solution line is the latest in CNC technology that increases performance and user productivity. The Sinumerik 840D sl is a universal and flexible CNC system featuring the innovative Sinamics S120 drives that can be used for up to 31 axes. It is a distributed, scalable, open and inter-connecting system offering a wide range of specialized functions for milling, drilling, turning, grinding and handling technologies.

The Sinumerik 840D offers users innovative features that increase productivity on the manufacturing floor, especially the challenging segments of high-speed and five-axis aerospace machining.

Solutions for automotive
In the automotive industry, Siemens continues to solidify its position with the Transline System Solution, the solution for automotive powertrain. This system integrates diverse metalcutting technologies such as milling, drilling, turning and grinding, and the assembly of powertrain parts, under a common system architecture. Since its implementation in 1993 at the Mercedes Benz NVM engine plant in Bad Canstatt, Germany, Transline has grown to become a recognized standard of excellence in the United States among both OEMs and end-users.

Based on the new Sinumerik 840D solution line and Simatic PLC, the Transline solution line transforms the company’s concept of “productivity in motion” into a real world application for total factory automation. By specifying Transline, machine tool users benefit from faster start-up times, better equipment serviceability and increased productivity.

Solutions for manufacturing excellence
Condition Monitoring and Manufacturing IT are two value-added services that are continuing their introduction to the U.S. machine tool market.

Condition Monitoring is an internet-based service from Siemens that supports maintenance processes while simultaneously forming a platform for cross-company service and support between OEMs and machine operators. Services can be configured over secure Internet connections from anywhere in the world via a standard PC, an internet connection and a web browser.

Manufacturing IT solutions from Siemens provide software tools for fast, easy integration of machines in a production network, while ensuring that production planning, scheduling and execution is always problem-free and based on the very latest data.

An entire line of powerful software modules for production machines ensures optimum integration of the machines in the IT-environment and supports a wide range of different functionalities including:
- Production data management (MDA / PMT / PDA)
- Numerical control program management (DNC)
- Tool management (TDI)
- Maintenance management (TPM)
- Service management (RCS)
- Computer interfacing (RPC)

Solutions for CNC training
SinuTrain, the Siemens package of CNC training software on CD-ROM, provides milling and turning machine operators with a high degree of practical hands-on experience, prior to using the CNCs on their actual machines. It is designed to run on Windows XP operating systems and is the optimal solution for machine tool control-identical simulation training.

With SinuTrain, actual NC programs are developed and simulated, using a direct connection to the company’s CAD systems to further speed the program generation protocol. In this way, machine tool operators not only learn the control language commands, but they also visualize part programs on a PC screen that are identical to the actual machine screen. As a further benefit, programs generated through SinuTrain on the PC software can then be used on the machines.

Other exhibits on display in the Siemens booth include the new 1FK7 high-inertia and 1PH8 servomotors, integrated motor spindles, linear motors and direct-drive torque motors that contribute to the increase in machine performance. The exhibition will also focus on machine tool retrofit, field service, customer service, spare parts and repair, all of which support the machine tool manufacturer and end-user.