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Industrial Router Links to Public 5G Networks

June 10, 2021
The Scalance MUM856-1 connects local industrial applications to external networks, and supports future-oriented applications like remote access or connection of robots, AGVs, or other mobile devices.

The Scalance MUM856-1 is SIEMENS' first industrial 5G router, to connect local industrial applications to public 5G, 4G (LTE), and 3G (UMTS) mobile wireless networks. The router can be used to remotely monitor and service plants, machines, control elements, and other industrial devices via a public 5G network – flexibly and with high data rates.

In addition to the need for local wireless connectivity, there is increasing demand for remote access to machines and plants. In these cases, communication is usually over long distances. Public mobile networks can be used to access devices that are located at a considerable distance, for example in other countries.

In addition, the Scalance MUM856-1 device can be integrated into private 5G networks, meaning it supports future-oriented applications such as mobile robots in manufacturing, autonomous vehicles in logistics, or augmented reality applications for service technicians. Thanks to a robust IP65 housing, the router can also be used outside the control cabinet.

To ensure the powerful connection of Ethernet-based subnetworks and automation devices, the Scalance MUM856-1 supports Release 15 of the 5G standard. The device offers high bandwidths of up to 1000 Mbps for the downlink and up to 500 Mbps for the uplink – providing high datarates for data-intensive applications such as the remote implementation of firmware updates.

Thanks to IPv6 support, the devices also can be implemented in modern communication networks. Various security functions are included in order to monitor data traffic and protect against unauthorized access: for example, an integrated firewall as well as authentication of communication devices and encryption of data transmission via VPN.

If there is no available 5G network, the device switches automatically to 4G or 3G networks. The first release version of the router has an EU radio license; other versions with different licenses are in preparation. With the Sinema Remote Connect management platform for VPN connections, users can access remote plants or machines easily and securely – even if they are integrated in other networks. The software also offers easy management and autoconfiguration of the devices.

Besides connectivity to public networks, Scalance MUM856-1 also supports integration into private local 5G campus networks. Learn more at

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