Vibration Damping Shell Mill Holders

Vibration Damping Shell Mill Holders

Vibration Damping Shell

Seco Tools Inc. has developed its Steadyline vibration damping shell mill holders that feature a passive dynamic damping system offering up to three times the rigidity of equivalent solid holders,. The result is greater productivity, longer tool life, and improved quality. Vibration becomes a concern as the size and complexity of components creates the need to machine difficult-to-reach areas and deep cavities, resulting in common use of long-overhang tools that tend to introduce vibration into the machining process.

The Steadyline holders are wellsuited for:

• Any milling operation with long overhangs and predominantly radial forces.

• Machining of deep mold and die workpieces.

• Machining of complex monolithic workpieces, particularly in aerospace, automotive, and power generation applications.

The holders are designed with the vibration absorber positioned at the front of the bar where the deflection is the highest. This feature dampens vibrations as soon as they are transmitted by the cutting tool to the bar body and prevents the vibration from spreading, thus limiting deflection of the tool at up to fivetimes- diameter overhang. This allows for cutting speeds and depth-of-cut to be increased up to four times that of a modular system.

Featuring coolant channels and made of high-tensile coated steel, the shell mill holders are dynamically balanced and ready to use out of the box. They are available in a wide range of types and sizes — cylindrical and tapered form, CAT, HSK, Seco- Capto, DIN and BT.

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