Vacuum Cleaner for Fluids

Vacuum cleanerThe new 55MW system from Vac- U-Max ( increases coolant life and extends machine tool filtration systems by cleaning fluids and removing metal chips and swarf at the rate of one to two gallons per second (60-120 gpm).

With the turn of a lever, the 55MW industrial vacuum cleaner pumps out liquid contents of a drum through the discharge hose to a central filtration system for coolant and oils. It removes fluids from approved floor drains up to 14 gpm.

The dispensing nozzle on the pumpout hose controls where and when the fluid comes out, reducing operator exposure to bacteria and dermatitis when emptying machine tool sumps, machining beds, oil/water separators, parts washers, rinse tanks and when cleaning liquid spills.

The smooth-bore hoses prevent accumulation of liquids and chips and slotted holes in the cart base prevent pooling of fluid. Dual swivel casters makes the 26-in.-wide unit easy to move, and its compact size gets close to machine tools and sumps, keeping vacuum hoses as short as possible.

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