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Tough grades for steel and nonferrous machining

Tough grades for steel and nonferrous machining

Sumitomo AC830P
The Sumitomo AC830P grade is designed for interrupted steel turning.

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc. has introduced the AC830P insert grade for interrupted steel turning.

The grade combines a tough substrate with a newly designed Super FF coating structure to increase wear resistance over conventional P30 material grades.

The company said AC830P wear resistance not only exceeds conventional P30 coated carbide grades, its toughness outperforms conventional P20 grades.

The AC830P is available in a multitude of geometries, with chipbreakers that are designed for light to heavy depths of cuts. When used with the EGE chipbreaker that allows for a feedrate of 0.024 inches per revolution while providing good chip control, the grade is designed for applications in which a tough edge is needed.

Sumitomo DA1000
Sumitomo DA1000 grade is for machining non-ferrous materials.

Sumitomo Electric Carbide also has introduced a polycrystalline diamond (PCD) grade DA1000 for machining non-ferrous materials, especially aluminum.

The company said the grade’s superior toughness and wear resistance yield tool life advancements of 1.5 times that of conventional PCD grades.

With geometries for turning and milling applications, the new grade can machine a variety of materials while producing fine surface finishes. The standard DA1000 has Sumitomo’s economical NF-style tip that is designed to reduce the total cost per part.

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