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Tooling U Provides Multi-Language Training

Tooling University (, a provider of online manufacturing training, has developed a new multi-language interface to deliver content in multiple languages.

The interface includes all the key features needed for users to fully utilize Tooling University’s learning management system (LMS). The company’s website currently is used to deliver content in English, Spanish, and German, with additional training content in simplified Chinese expected by January 2008.

The new multi-language interface was created to satisfy the training needs for large international manufacturers, allowing these companies to provide consistent, standardized training to their workforces worldwide. Like the English-based classes, all Tooling University non-English classes contain a rich array of multimedia, easy navigation tools, and a section for the student to take and save notes.

A fully functional multilanguage site is just one recent step for Tooling University in a long series of changes made to accommodate international users.

“We first got started by translating our content for Spanish-speaking users in the U.S., and then redesigned the site navigation in Spanish to reach a broader audience in Mexico. Once our customers started requesting German and simplified Chinese, we knew a multi-language site was inevitable,” Chad Schron, Tooling University vice president said.

Tooling University expects to release Chinese-language training for CNC machinists in January 2008.

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