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Toolholder for heavy cutting


Schunk Inc. has extended its toolholder product range with the introduction of the new Sino-R that is well suited for heavy-duty metal cutting and rough milling. The universal toolholder is based on the expansion technology system with a solid body as a pressure medium and is quickly clamped using a simple actuation key. This saves the user set-up time and reduces unproductive machine down-times.

The interaction of high radial rigidity and good dampening characteristics is a special highlight that reduces machining noises and increases the smooth running of the tool. This results in high service life of the tool and surface quality of the workpiece. This eliminates unwanted chatter marks that frequently appear with conventional toolholder systems and expensive reworking.

Sino-R holds tools securely, thanks to maximum torque transmission of 850 Nm, at a clamping diameter of 32 mm. Also, with the use of intermediate sleeves the toolholder can be used flexibly, and almost all common shank diameters can be clamped. The toolholders are precisionbalanced to protect both the machine spindle and the lip of the tool.

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