Tool Data Management and Communications Software

Parlec Inc. ( has released new software for its Parsetter TMM tool presetters.

The PGC Plus 6 Tool Data Management and Communications software is designed as a plugand- play enhancement for the the company’s Parsetter TMM line of tool measuring and inspection systems.

The company said the PGC Plus 6 lets users create and manage tool lists for any NC program or tool carousel, and to transfer tool data electronically to machining centers. The software can run as a stand-alone application at the tool presetter or as a client-server network installation.

PGC Plus 6 offers the following features:

Tool Data Management: The software uses a MySQL database to manage an unlimited number of tool and component records.

The application’s fourtiered hierarchy uses a Microsoft Windows directory tree format to organize tools. By including cost information for tool components, PGC Plus 6 calculates the total cost of a tool assembly or an entire tool list automatically, and enables control of revision levels for tooling. The software also allows users to attach related files and data including digital images and CAD drawings to tooling files.

Job Scheduler: The job scheduler allows multiple jobs to be created from one tool list. Specific jobs then may be scheduled and managed from any program generation center terminal in the facility.

Tool Data Communications: The PGC Plus 6 software automatically formats data for electronic post processing to machining centers. The company said it has the ability to communicate with cell controllers and with other tool management systems. It also offers built-in support for RFID tool tag systems and bar coding capability.

Custom Report Builder: In addition to standard report and label templates, the software’s PGC Report Builder allows quick creation of customized labels and tool reports.

Intuitive Setup and Configuration: All setup and configuration parameters for tool presetters and the application are user accessible. A three-tiered, user security system ensures proper administration and protection of data.

Parlec said that the touchscreen operation, informative tool tips and right-click power features incorporated into the PGC Plus 6 software is intuitive and makes the software easy to use. The software also allows users to sort, search, and filter data with one-click on any column of data.

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