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Tool Data Management and Communications Software

Parlec Inc. ( announced the release of PGC Plus 6 tool data management and communications software for use on Parsetter TMM tool presetters.

A plug-and-play enhancement to the company’s Parsetter TMM line of tool measuring and inspection systems, PGC Plus 6 lets users create and manage tool lists for any NC program or tool carousel, as well as electronically communicate tool data to machining centers. The software can run as a standalone application at the tool presetter or as a client-server network installation.

PGC Plus 6 offers the following features:

Tool Data Management: The software uses a MySQL database to manage an unlimited number of tool and component records. The application’s four-tiered hierarchy uses a Microsoft Windows directory tree format to easily organize tools. By including cost information for tool components, PGC Plus 6 automatically calculates the total cost of a tool assembly or an entire tool list, as well as enabling rev level control. Users can also attach related files including digital images and CAD drawings.

Job Scheduler: The Job Scheduler allows creation of multiple jobs from one tool list. Specific jobs may then be scheduled and managed from any PGC terminal in the facility.

Tool Data Communications: PGC Plus 6 automatically formats the data for electronic post processing to machining centers. It has the ability to communicate with cell controllers and other TMS systems. It also offers built-in support for RFID tool tag systems and barcoding capability.

Custom Report Builder: In addition to the software’s standard report and label templates, the PGC Report Builder allows quick creation of customized labels and tool reports.

Intuitive Setup and Configuration: All setup and configuration parameters for the tool presetters and the application are user accessible. A three-tiered user security system assures proper administration and protection of data.

Also, with touchscreen operation, informative tool tips and right-click power features, PGC Plus 6 is intuitive and easy to use. Users can also sort, search, and filter data with one-click on any column of data.

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