Tiny toolholders

Tiny toolholders


Schunk Inc. has expanded its Tribos toolholding family by introducing Mini toolholders and SVL extensions that have clamping diameters as small as 0.3 mm (0.012 in.). This allows for the direct holding of circuit board tools with straight shanks and eliminates the need for many special cutting tools with larger tool shanks.

The clamping principle of Tribos Mini is based on the elastic forces of material to clamp the tool shank. The clamping process can be done within 30 seconds by means of a clamping device, either the manual SVP-2 device or the automatic SVP-3 clamping device, together with corresponding reduction inserts.

Run-out accuracy and repeatability is less than 3 microns. Due to the rotational symmetric design, a basic counterbalance of less than 4 g/mm is guaranteed. Because the Tribos system has no movable components, it is maintenance free and provides for long tool life.

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