Synthetic Coolant for Machining Titanium and Aluminum

Synthetic Coolant for Machining Titanium and Aluminum

Synthetic coolantMaster Chemical Corp. ( has introduced TRIM C350 synthetic coolant for the machining and grinding of nuclear and aircraft airframe and powerplant parts and components.

The coolant was designed to assist in achieving the low residual stress and zero corrosion, stain, and residue that is necessary with aircraft parts.

Using proprietary synthetic ester technology, C350 is made for machining and grinding various aircraft grades of titanium and aluminum.

It contains no chlorine or sulfur-based extreme pressure (EP) additives, petroleum oil, non-polar extractives, silicone, nitrides, phenols, copper, triazine, or formaldehyde releasing chemistry and is compliant with the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register.

C350 runs clean with little operator maintenance, has good sump life and does not generate foam under the high-speed machining operations that are common in the aerospace industry.

Working solutions of the fluid are pH neutral and contain less than 100 ppm total chloride to provide a high level of corrosion and stain resistance on even the most sensitive alloys.

“TRIM C350 is compatible with and will not stain all aerospace alloys including the very sensitive aluminum alloys, like the 7000 series,” Milton Hoff, Master Chemical’s vice president of strategic technology development, said.

TRIM C350 is available in a range of sizes including one-gallon containers sold by the case, five-gallon pails, 54-gallon drums, 270-gallon recyclable bins, 350-gallon returnable bins, and tank wagon lots. The product is also available in metric containers for Europe and Asia.

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