Straightshank Endmills

Straightshank Endmills


BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. ( has added a straight-shank endmill to its line of Fullcut mills.

The new Straight Shank FCR is designed for greater depth-of-cut and lower cutting resistance.

The tool’s geometry expands capabilities in multi-functional milling for ramping, helical-, shoulder- and plunge-milling operations.

The company said the indexable inserts’ sharp cutting edges retain high strength and toughness because of the optimized eccentric relief angle that is designed into each cutter diameter. Sharp cutting edges with both high radial and axial rake angles are designed to achieve smooth and quiet endmilling in all materials.

The Straight Shank FCR is available in 0.75-in., 1.0-in., and 1.250-in. shank diameters. The tools complement the company’s integralshank versions that are available in various length configurations for BIGPlus shanks in CAT40, BT30, BT40, HSK-A50 and A63 versions.

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