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Storch Magnetics

Storch Magnetics

Economical Hydraulic

The new Electro-Magnetic, Power Matrix Chuck from Storch Magnetics offers up to 132 tons of holding force per square foot for all types of machining applications. With extreme holding force, these chucks allow milling on five faces for high metal-removal rates while eliminating vises and h-clamps for faster part setup.

By eliminating part movement, these chucks allow high metal-removal rates, better part quality, and a reduction in cutting chatter and vibration for longer tool life. Greater production is achieved too, because multiple parts can be mounted on the chuck for high volume machining.

The chucks offer multipoint clamping for all types of unusually designed parts, including round, stepped or shaped ones. Parts can be mounted directly to the chuck’s face or for odd-shaped ones, steel mounting blocks can be used that allow the magnetism to flow through them for positive part-holding.

Because the chucks are always excited without electricity, they offer a fail-safe design. Exciting electricity only changes the chuck’s permanent internal magnetic field to an external one for part hold-down. Once the magnetic field is changed, the electric connection can be removed and the part will stay stationary.

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