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Stainless Steel Quick-Change Pallet System

Stainless Steel Quick-Change Pallet System

Machine set-up times can be reduced by up to 90%

The new pallet system locks mechanically via a large spring package. It is self-locking and clamps with a form-fit. Holding forces of up to 16,800 lbs are achieved.

Schunk, a developer of toolholding components, workholding systems, and automation components, is emphasizing the precision, process reliability, and set-up time reduction possible with its new Vero-S module. All functional components of the module are made of hardened stainless steel, imparting a pull-in force of up to 9,000 lb., among other benefits.

Thanks to a patented dual-clamping stroke and an integrated turbo function, the retention force increases to 9,000 lbs — 30% higher than Schunk’s previous model, which enhances the rigidity of the clamping system. As a result, considerably higher cutting forces are possible with the Vero-S, and even high shear forces can be absorbed reliably.

The new quick-change pallet system is locked mechanically via a large spring package. It is self-locking and clamps with a form-fit. Holding forces of up to 16,800 lbs are achieved. To open the module, a pneumatic pressure of 6 bars (85 psi) is sufficient.

Vero-S clamps workpieces, pallets, clamping stations, existing fixtures, and tombstones with one or more clamping pins. The radially aligned clamping slides of the quick-change pallet system pull in the clamping pin and locks it. Exact positioning is accomplished via a short taper. Radial location is done via a diamond pin. This ensures a repeat accuracy of less than 5 microns (0.0002 in.)

The new Vero-S is completely compatible and interchangeable with Schunk’s previous pallet system, and the clamping pins work universally across the new line. Workpieces can be transferred from machine to machine or to a CMM, accurately and seamlessly, on the fly. Hardened stainless steel is used for all the functional components of the Vero-S, such as base body, clamping pin, and clamping slide. This increases the module’s life, and reliability, and reduces maintenance.

The low-maintenance module is completely sealed and protected against the penetration of chips, dust, and coolant. Integrated into the standard module is an air-purge connection, which can also be used for part recognition. The position of the clamping slide can be monitored via an air-purge monitoring system. Each module is compatible for automated loading out of the box. Because the module is equipped with bottom and lateral air connections, it is completely flexible in its’ mounting.

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