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Spindle Measuring and Alignment System

Spindle Measuring and Alignment System

Pinpoint Laser Systems ( said its new measuring and alignment system for lathes, turning equipment, spindles and related machinery — Microgage Spindle Alignment Tool -- is easy to use, versatile, and affordable. Ideal applications include aligning lathes and turning centers, adjusting boring mills, aligning drive shafts, adjusting barfeeders, and many other industrial applications. This newest Microgage system provides information on runout, centerline offset, parallelism, concentricity and other useful parameters that can guide machinery back to optimal alignment and improved profits.

This lathe and spindle alignment system is simple and quick to use with a round laser that is secured into a chuck or attached to the end of a shaft or spindle. A dual-axis receiver is placed on the tailstock, toolholder or another piece of equipment that can receive the laser beam.

As the laser and the receiver move relative to each other the digital display provides a precise reading of the alignment and machine’s characteristics.

The Microgage Spindle Alignment tool can measure to a precision of 0.0001 in. or better and the laser allows for alignments over distances as great as 150 ft. Pinpoint’s new Microgage 2D brings added precision, easy-to-follow screen instructions and new optical and digital technology to the alignment of spindles and lathes.

A serial and USB interface connect to a laptop or PC and link to popular spreadsheets for plotting and analyzing data for maintenance records, customer compliance and other uses.

The Microgage system includes a compact carrying case to store the components and is easily carried onto the manufacturing floor.

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