Slim Hydraulic Expansion Toolholders

Slim Hydraulic Expansion Toolholders


Schunk Inc. ( has introduced a slim version of its Tendo family of hydraulic expansion toolholders.

The Tendo LSS has been optimized to keep interfering contours to a minimum. The toolholders can provide access to difficult parts of a workpiece, and can be used in working areas where appliances create difficult conditions. Despite its slim design, torque is comparable to that of conventional Tendo hydraulic expansion toolholders.

The radial rigidity of this version – with a 200-mm L1 length to its taper – allows it to be used for drilling, reaming and finish milling. It has a runout of less than 0.006 mm (0.00024 in.) and features vibration dampening that improves the surface quality of the workpiece and increases the tool life. The balancing quality is G 2.5 at 25,000 rpm for HSKA63. Tendo LSS is also available for mounting shank SK 40.

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