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Simple, Accurate, and Fast Hole Enlarging

Simple, Accurate, and Fast Hole Enlarging

New magnetic drill pilots simplify process for portable magnetic drills

Hougen takes the difficulty out of enlarging existing holes using its new hole-enlarging pilots and Rotabroach® cutters in portable magnetic drills.

Enlarging an existing hole can be a time consuming challenge using conventional holemaking tools. To simplify the task, Hougen Manufacturing Inc. has introduced a new Hole Enlarging Pilot System that uses its 2-in. D.O.C. Rotabroach® cutters and portable magnetic drills.

The pilot is a two-piece assembly consisting of a threaded pilot and three different sized screw-on nosepieces, each having flats on opposite sides for easy tightening and removal with a wrench or pliers. Using a portable magnetic drill, the cutter and pilot is inserted into an existing hole, then by re-drilling the hole its diameter is increased by 1/8 in. For example, an 11/16-in. hole can be quickly and accurately enlarged to 13/16 in.

The replacement nosepieces have a tapered edge for easy insertion into existing holes and are currently available in three sizes, 11/16 in., 13/16 in., or 15/16 in. One pilot works each of the three different-sized noses and with Hougen’s magnetic drills.

Hougen holemaking technologies also include 26 models of portable magnetic drills, plus a wide range of annular cutters for various applications, and Punch-Pro Portable Electro-hydraulic Hole Punchers.

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