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Shoulder-milling tools

Shoulder-milling tools

Widia M6800

Widia , based in Essen, Germany, said its new Widia M6800 milling series is designed for the roughing and finishing of steel, stainless steel, cast irons, aluminum or difficult-to-machine materials with the same cutter. Improved flutes and high axial and radial rake angles reduce cutting forces for improved production and greater tool life. New elliptical angles generate true 90-degree shoulders where required.

“Pocket milling, plunging, circular milling, and profile milling are a few of the applications that will benefit from the M6800 series,” said Jay Verellen, Widia product manager. “We now offer high performance and productivity for virtually all shoulder-milling applications.” The M6800S, M6800M, and M6800LX offer a maximum depth-of-cut of 6 mm, 10 mm, and 15.7 mm, respectively.

Three grades and two geometry choices are available in each of the M6800 sizes, offering a simple choice for light machining of cast irons through heavy machining of steels and high-temperature alloys.

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