Shoulder and Surface Milling Cutters

Shoulder and Surface Milling Cutters

Walter AG ( has introduced several new milling cutters. The company said its Xtratec shoulder milling cutters F4041 and F4042 are almost identical tools for machining shoulders, grooves and steps. The F4041 has four cutting-edge indexable inserts to produce steps and grooves in just a few operations. The F4042 has a two cutting-edge, indexable insert that also can be used with Walter’s new porcupine cutters.

Xtratec face milling cutters — F4033, F4047 and F4048 — are designed for applications in which the volume of chips is particularly large. The differences between the three milling cutters include indexable insert setting angles of 45°, 75° and 88°, and maximum cutting depths of 6.5 mm, 8 mm, or 10 mm (0.256 in., 0.315 in. or 0.394 in.)The best choice of milling cutter usually depends on workpiece stability and the clamping. Axial forces are lower for the steeper setting angles with models F4047 and F4048.

The indexable inserts for the shoulder and face milling cutters are available with different radii and special cutting-edge preparations. In addition to the universal Tigertec grades for steel and cast iron, the new WSP45 and WSM35 PVD Tigertec cutting materials also are available for machining stainless high-alloyed steels and difficult-to-cut materials.

Another shoulder and face milling tool — the CoroMill 490 endmill — has been introduced by Sandvik Coromant ( “The new CoroMill 490 dramatically reduces the cost of operation for face and square shoulder milling,” Hans Lindberg, product specialist for milling tools at Sandvik Coromant, said.

The mill meets the trend toward smaller spindles in machines, small and medium production batches and component requirements in which a reduced depth of cut is needed, Lindberg added.

The maximum depth of cut for the milling tool is 5.5 mm (0.216 in.) and the diameter range is from 20 mm to 125 mm (0.787 in. to 4.92 in.). The company said the CoroMill 490 is equipped with unique insert geometries to produce face milling with an excellent surface finish and shoulders without steps. The tool also can be used for boring applications. The cutters are designed with through-coolant and are available in a

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