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Shim Block for Precise Alignment

Shim block

DBM Innovation Inc. ( has introduced a compact shim block that is designed to be used to adjust locating details and other components on fixtures, tooling and machinery. This new shimming product is for use in production machinery and related fixtures.

The DBM Shim T-Block requires only one reamed hole and one tapped hole per shim block.

Operators insert the block’s integral post into a single reamed hole in the stationary component of the machine or fixture. Using the block’s slotted hole, they then fasten the cap screw to a tapped hole in an adjacent fixture or machine component. Its location is accurately located by the shim pack.

The slot in the DBM Shim Shim block for precise alignment T-Block, and the oversize mounting holes in the movable component, allow adjustment in two directions when two or more DBM Shim T-Blocks are used.

Two sizes are available with metric or inch screws and washers. The unit is complete with socket head cap screw, washer and fourpiece shim pack.

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