Self-Contained Power Collet Chuck

Self-Contained Power Collet Chuck

A new Self-Contained Pneumatic Power Collet Chuck from Crawford Collets ( enables a mill, lathe or grinder to be converted easily and inexpensively into a production machine.

The low-cost Crawford collet chuck is operated by an air cylinder integrated into the collet chuck body, so it can be used on machines without a hydraulic system, rear actuator, draw-tube or air feed tubes, converting the machine to a power collet chuck. It also can be used with rotary tables.

The pneumatic collet chuck provides high-speed operation – up to 5,000 rpm – accuracy of less than 0.001TIR and a repeatability 0.00015 in. It provides for fast workpiece changeover, minimizing set-up times and for quick and easy change from collet chuck to standard collet (within 60 seconds). The dead length design eliminates workpiece pull-back so there is no change of position during machining. The new collet chuck is resistant to coolant or swarf penetration and the oil mist lubrication system ensures low maintenance.

The rigid, steel bodied collet chuck is front mounted for easy of installation. Self-locking for safety, the chuck force-opening design ensures workpieces will not jam. It is compact, with a 5.67-in. footprint and low profile body (3.7 in.). Maximum clamping diameter is 50 mm, maximum through-hole diameter for machining bar stock is 38 mm. It is lever or foot pedal actuated. The pneumatic collet chuck is offered as 5C, 16C, B42 and is available with A, D, L, 4-degree, threaded or straightrecess mounting.

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