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Screwdrivers With Digital Display

Screwdrivers With Digital Display

Screwdrivers with digital displayPB Swiss Tools ( has released the newest generation of PB Torque Tools with digital displays for conveniently controlling screw tightening to a specified torque.

The torque screwdrivers feature a digital display at the end of the handle that shows the torque setting. When the maximum torque is reached as the screw is tightened, the tool triggers audibly and by touch. A ratchet mechanism prevents the set torque being exceeded. The screwdriver then is again immediately ready for use.

In addition, screws that already have been tightened can be undone with as much as twice the maximum tightening torque. Torque screwdrivers are suitable for small series production and for oneoff assembly operations. The measuring accuracy of ± 6 percent ensures optimum security.

With the supplied 3-mm hexagon L-wrench, users can quickly and easily set the desired torque. The torque screwdrivers are available in four torque ranges: 10 to 80 cNm (0.89 to 7.08 lbf-in.), 0.4 to 2.5 Nm (0.3 to 1.84 lbf-ft), 1 to 5 Nm (0.74 to 3.69 lbf-ft) and 3.2 to 16 Nm (2.4 to 11.8 lbf-ft). Torque units can be switched between Nm and lbf-ft. The 3.2 to 16 Nm size has a pistol grip for smooth application of the high torques. Over forty different types of interchangeable blades and bits are available, including Phillips, Pozidriv, Hex/Allen, Torx, Torx Plus, Socket, and 0.250-in. bits.

The digital display has a touchscreen that is activated by finger pressure on the display. After about 20 seconds, the display automatically switches itself off. This means that the battery lasts for years. The ergonomically shaped handle means the screwdriver lies exceptionally comfortably in the hand. In addition, the handle has a Santoprene coating that ensures reliable transmission of torque with only slight application of force, even with wet or oily hands. The coating is resistant to many chemicals.

The PB Swiss Tools torque screwdriver is also available without the digital display. This version is supplied from the factory pre-set to the most frequently required torque, and has a field where users can write the torque value set.

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