Rough Milling Holders

Rough Milling Holders

A new line of toolholders — Sino-R Universal Toolholders — has been introduced by Schunk Inc. ( to its Total Tooling family. The rigid toolholders are for rough milling applications and provide for easy operation, good vibration dampening characteristics, and an attractive cost-performance ratio.

The clamping principle of Sino-R is based on expansion technology with a solid body as a pressure medium. Different tool shanks can be clamped easily by using the actuation wrench. Torque wrenches are not necessary because the user simply tightens the actuation cap to the dead-stop position.

The company said the easy and quick tool change means reduction of set up times that lead to reductions in unproductive machine downtime. Cutting tools are clamped securely at a maximum torque capacity of 850 Nm (627 lb-ft) for a clamping diameter of 32 mm (1.25 in). Sino-R is available with CAT 40 and HSK-A 63 spindle interfaces. All spindle interfaces are available in metric and inch versions together with a range of intermediate sleeves for increased flexibility.

Due to the high radial stiffness and vibration dampening characteristics of the toolholders, the surface quality of workpieces is improved while noise is reduced. Less vibration of the cutting tool means increased tool life and protection of the machine spindle resulting in workpiece finishes without chatter marks.

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